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In Lisa’s own words, she guides you through the principles and instructions in the Mind Body Spirit Cleanse handbook.
  • Lisa gets personal with you sharing intimate moments and why she started this journey.  
  • She breaks down step by step what to do if you find yourself off track. 
  • Lisa goes into deeper explanation throughout the book. 
  • Ultimately, you feel a sense of partnership throughout your journey. Lisa is your friend as you make your way to the other side of the 90 day journey. 

Here are some more benefits you can achieve by listening to this powerful and inspiring audio series:

  • Take it with you on the go
  • Speeds up your personal cleanse process
  • The handbook comes alive and makes easier to understand
This is a complete collection of High Quality Recordings will walk you through the Mind Body Spirit Cleanse Handbook -step by step content. 

Here’s the breakdown:

In Audio #1

Ready Set Go...This audio highlights areas that you may be grappling with.It explains ground rules.

In Audio #2

Know your why/purpose for doing the cleanse. Creating your Accountability Partners and the commitment that it takes. Specific questions that lead to unanswered questions.Plus, a Step by Step process for discovering your hidden talents and gifts.

In Audio #3

Bringing Closure and Finding Peace, Creating a Vision and What to do if you find yourself off track.

In Audio #4

Continuation - What to do if you’re off track. My Story – What Inspired the Cleanse?

In Audio #5

How was the cleanse born and why it makes a transformational difference and an explanation of Mind Body Spirit Cleanse terms.

The insights that you will learn with from this audio series are exactly the same that have been gained by many successful women - and in some cases, even men!
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